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Our Holistic Healing for Hepatitis-C

Dr. Harish Verma’s award-winning Hepatitis-C treatment in India has shown remarkable effectiveness with no side effects. The herbal therapy offers hope for patients unable to undergo Interferon and Ribavirin treatment due to tolerance, affordability, or eligibility issues.

A study on 10 cases of chronic Hepatitis-C revealed positive results with the combination of Dr. Verma’s Livobetter Capsules and Immunorm Capsules. The treatment led to improved symptoms, reduced viral load, and decreased serum glycolytic enzyme levels (ALT & AST) within 2-6 months.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for Hepatitis-C as an alternative to conventional therapy.

Harmless Healing

Unlike conventional therapies, our herbal treatment claims to have no significant side effects.

Personalized Approach

An individualized treatment approaches based on patient history and requirements.

Worldwide Medicines Delivery

A worldwide delivery of our medicines, ensuring accessibility for patients around the globe.

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Latest Blogs

Discover a better way to tackle Hepatitis-C with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Our latest blog reveals herbal cure options that can make a difference. Accessible healing at your fingertips!

"Together we heal, together we conquer Hepatitis-C."


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